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A New Type of Domestic Cleaning Franchise — Introducing a New Business Model that helps produce profits quickly!

After extensive research into the residential cleaning industry in the United Kingdom, Kingsmaid found that there are two business models which have proved popular with franchise owners. Popular because they are easy to manage. Popular also because they generate profits. And, of course, as a franchisee, a profitable and successful business is what you're after..


The original model was developed by Kingsmaid at their home office in Stockport. Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning has been operating in that region for a long time, and we have now developed a successful and profitable business, servicing the home cleaning needs of customers throughout the region.

For many years, Kingsmaid operated the business using the standard model for domestic cleaning businesses. This entails meeting the needs of our clients by providing a well-trained, dedicated responsible team of 2 domestic cleaners to the home owner, on whatever schedule they like (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc) at an affordable price. The home owner can get on with the more important things in life, while being confident that our competent and trustworthy domestic cleaners will get the house cleaned in a reasonable amount of time.

During the course of running and managing our domestic cleaning business, we found that some homeowners had needs different from our standard, regular clients. They needed someone every day, or for various other reasons did not want to or could not afford to take advantage of our regular domestic cleaning business, running on the standard model, as described above.

The Kingsmaid Business And Brand Is Solidly Built Upon Trust
We set high standards for ourselves. Our customers value this and as such a good and valued working relationship is created between us.
We have many customers who take advantage of the additional services that Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning offer:
• Day time office cleaning
• Carpet cleaning
• Oven cleaning
• Ironing
We have generated Valuable additional income streams, with great margins, to supplement the 9-5 lifestyle business that the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise offers.

Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning therefore decided to offer our clients a choice, where appropriate, and introduce our 'Silver Service'. The 'Silver Service' is based on the Cleaning Agency model and we offer clients a single dedicated domestic cleaner. Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning franchise owners charge a fee in return for the management of the service provided.

This has proven to be a reliably profitable model for running a successful cleaning franchise. Just as the original Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning business has proven that this method is a surefire method of attaining profitability and maintaining profitability for a successful domestic cleaning franchise operation, you too can benefit from our research into the domestic cleaning marketplace by operating your unique business using the tried and tested methodology developed exclusively by Kingsmaid.

The Kingsmaid Hybrid Cleaning Franchise model gives you a quick path to business success. It works in trying economic times, as well as in a normal economic climate. It represents the future of Domestic Cleaning Franchises and will be there to lead the way forward as the current slow economic climate turns into something more robust.


During the recent downtown in the UK economy, the demand for domestic cleaning services has remained strong. This shows that the domestic cleaning industry is a good, profitable segment of the economy, and proves that it's a smart decision to get involved with Kingsmaid to develop your very own domestic cleaning franchise business. This has proven to be a profitable business for many other franchisees.


Multiple Income Streams
Having the Kingsmaid name behind you helps you gain immediate credibility in the marketplace, in your particular franchise district/s. Also, having the Kingsmaid team behind you means that you have excellent training and advice at your fingertips. Even if you have no experience in domestic cleaning, and you have little or no experience in running a business — franchised or otherwise— the helpful professionals at Kingsmaid will soon have you on track, running your own home cleaning franchise.
Maintaining a high profile in the cleaning business requires thought and understanding in many areas, including pricing.
Kingsmaid developed and maintains a pricing policy that incorporates a reasonable charge for its domestic cleaning services, and various other services offered. We don't aim to charge top rates. Neither do we aim to be cheap. A successful home cleaning business depends on factors such as the ability to provide quality cleaning services as well as many other important factors, which you'll learn about when you become part of the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise team.
It's the business model that is important. The business model upon which this domestic cleaning franchise opportunity is based will be vital in determining your financial success. It will enable a successful entrepreneur to take advantage of the market place, an aging population, dual income families a growing industry.
2009 set many challenges for business, in the UK, and indeed the entire western world — it may continue for many years to come, perhaps forever. The Hybrid domestic cleaning franchise model deals with the demands from our home cleaning customers for us to deliver unquestionable value for money. It deals with the demands to deliver a service that suits a variety of budgets, and it deals with the demands for a home cleaning business to be efficient, lean and fit. Give Kingsmaid a call and we can arrange an appointment for you to find out more about running a successful Domestic Cleaning Franchise Business.
As part of the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Group, you'll share in the best practices, including methods for hiring and training excellent domestic cleaners, developing a marketing plan, a sales system to maximise all of our services including lucrative add-on services and using state-of-the-art computer software to minimize office time and maximize efficiency— in short, everything you need to have a successful home cleaning business. It's time for you to call us to find out more about this fabulous Home Cleaning Business Franchise opportunity!
As part of the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Group you will share in the exciting new business model that deals with the demands, sales and attention to costs that are part of our new business world. You'll be able to share ideas about how to make your particular domestic cleaning franchise operation more successful with other franchisees.
You can run the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise business easily and successfully, turning it into a lucrative domestic cleaning franchise business, when you follow the Kingsmaid Franchise system — and we can prove it. This is an exciting and potentially very lucrative franchise business opportunity. Start-up costs are low, and upside potential is high. This is probably the lowest cost-to-success business franchise opportunity available in the U.K.

A Vision for a Lucrative Domestic Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning was established in Manchester in 2003 by Mark and Sharron Davis. They had a clear vision of the services that they would offer their customers — highly professional, reliable, and flexible, using our own staff and promoting a quality home cleaning brand image. Initial marketing efforts yielded excellent results, and they quickly established a large number of satisfied customers who started recommending friends.
Once they saw that we had arrived at the formula for a successful domestic cleaning business, they decided to share the secrets with others. So the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise System was created, and began offering that to prospective business owners throughout Great Britain. Mark and Sharron will share with you not just the vision of their success, but the actual formula for creating and running a successful domestic cleaning franchise in your area of the country.
2009 has passed and has introduced a whole new set of values and disciplines to business. The attitude of the customer has changed; the attitude of the successful entrepreneur has changed. Kingsmaid has evolved like no other Domestic Cleaning Franchise

The Plan for a Successful Home Cleaning Business Franchise Opportunity

Previous experience in the Franchise world gave the Kingsmaid directors knowledge and experience in developing and running a successful domestic cleaning franchise business, which they are now providing to people who want to run their own successful domestic cleaning franchise. It's known that a large percentage of new businesses fail in their first few years, but that those who join a well-organized franchise have a much higher chance of success (see, for example, the best-selling book "The E-Myth Revisited", by Mark Gerber). Mark and Sharron have studied numerous franchises, and as a consequence can now provide you with the opportunity to share in the formula that is now offered to the members of their domestic cleaning business franchise.


A Supportive Team Helps you Develop Your own Profitable Domestic Cleaning Franchise

Your success as a franchisee is as important to you as it is to Mark and Sharron. In fact, your success is important to the entire Kingsmaid domestic cleaning franchise network. With Kingsmaid’s training, support, and methods for marketing and organisation, you will be able to concentrate on running and growing your domestic cleaning business, with the knowledge that you have support from the experts — professionals who have started and continue to run a successful domestic cleaning business, and who, together with their support team, are always on hand to help you be the proud owner and operator of your own Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise.

UK Franchise Pure management franchise
UK Franchise Full initial training
UK Franchise Dedicated Domestic Cleaning Franchisee support team
UK Franchise Run during office hours
UK Franchise High Growth market
UK Franchise A vision for success with a flexible service
UK Franchise Bespoke scheduling and customer management software
UK Franchise Excellent brand image
UK Franchise Low start up costs and high profits
UK Franchise Low Cost and High Profit services
UK Franchise A Hybrid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Model to meet the demands of the new economy. Two income streams give you double the chance of financial success!
Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Woman
UK Franchise A Hybrid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Model to meet the demands of the new economy. Two income streams give you double the chance of financial success!

A Remarkable Opportunity for Domestic Cleaning Franchises Today

With over 60% of the UK population due to be 50 years of age or older by 2010 (source: national statistics), and this age group having 75% of the total disposable income (source: RNIB), there is clearly a growing market for offering home cleaning services to this age bracket. If you also include growth in dual income families and single income earners, then it is no wonder that demand for domestic cleaning is high now and is expected to grow even further in the forthcoming years. We all need a clean home! Homeowners have a range of choices when looking for a domestic cleaning service. We have developed a proven method for attracting customers for a domestic cleaning business. Using our proven techniques, you'll have a successful domestic cleaning business franchise operation in no time.
Contact Us Now for Your Opportunity to Participate in a Proven Domestic Cleaning Franchise Operation. We are now looking for ambitious people who wish to use the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Model to make their own success story, and to help us make the Kingsmaid cleaning brand ever more successful in the UK. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions (or visit our website regarding our domestic cleaning franchise business opportunity.

Contact Us Now for Your Opportunity to Participate in a Proven Domestic Cleaning Franchise Operation

We are now looking for ambitious people who wish to use the Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchise Model to make their own success story, and to help us make the Kingsmaid cleaning brand ever more successful in the UK.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, about the enclosed information regarding our cleaning franchise business opportunity.

Mark & Sharron Davis (Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Business Founders)

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